It is of the utmost importance to you that your merchandise arrives in good condition, weighed and inspected accurately. Consequently, you need a representative you can trust to provide independent weights and surveys. To that end, RISINGSUN Logistics offers:

Pre-shipment Inspection
Pre-shipment inspection is offered to exporters and importers and comprises a detailed inspection of equipment or materials after manufacture, but prior to shipment. The scope includes Quality & Quantity, Packing & Marking and Supervision of Loading.

Loading Supervision
The objective of Loading Supervision is to verify during loading and unloading operations that the correct material is properly handled and secured on the means of transport. RISINGSUN specialists will provide the client with the assurance that the quality and safety requirements are met and that the goods are handled correctly and safely.

Shop Inspection
The service aims to control, at the premises of the manufacturer or sub-contractor, the quality of workmanship and the conformity of the manufactured equipment with the purchase specifications, the applicable drawings, codes and standards and other relevant contractual documents. The level of involvement can be specified by the client, and may include stage inspections, witness testing or final inspection.